ABSTRACTION – Frank Burgers

It is a win to have experienced north-east Victorian artist Frank Burgers join the Hive line up and present his first exhibition here, ‘ABSTRACTION’. This is a series of works, some of which have impressively been exhibited in the public regional Wangaratta Art Gallery 2023 by curator Rachel Arndt, and some of which are newly chosen for this exhibition.

Frank’s work is in the Albury Art Gallery and he has been recognised by noted judges in several Awards including the CAS Annual Exhibitions 1993, 1989, and more recently the Shared Art Prize for Portraiture, NEA, Benalla 2019.

‘This selection of paintings represents a period from of 5 or 6 years in which I looked for the bones of Paintings. Influenced no doubt by working in an enclosed studio with a view on another wall with windows, in artificial light, perhaps that took me to more geometric minimalist spaces for a while.

I was interested in boundaries between colours, composition, edges, essential elements.

I have been painting for 40 years and 8 paintings barely represent the ongoing flow from organic abstraction to (almost) hard edge minimalism, from figuration to landscape and still life. When trained in the eighties, all of western art history informs us. In Painting there is little visual expression that has not been touched by an artist. I see no value in developing a particular style: as an artist you are who you are and paint what you feel or seek. As style is who you are, any subject is valid. The trick is to find something that inspires you to develop a body of work, to find a painting that is true.”

Frank is also represented by the Beechworth Contemporary Art Space and we are delighted and honoured to have the artist and director of this gallery, Nina Machielse Hunt here to officially open ‘ABSTRACTION’. Nina is also a driving force behind the regarded Beechworth Biennale.

Frank is in the process of moving to Geelong so please join him and make him feel welcome to The Hive as we aim to bring you a diversity of art. Saturday May 4th, 2-4pm.