Amabile studied Art and Design at Monash University and completed a Post Grad in Education. Based in Horsham, she left her teaching career to invest further in her own art in 2012. For many years Amabile focused on producing linocuts on various themes.  Her career highlights include solo exhibitions at several regional public galleries, and the acquisition of “Emus’ in the Silk Cut Award that has been donated to the collection of the N.G.A.


Burnt Out Grass Trees

In 2005-6 there were devastating fires in the Grampians. I was fortunate to have one of my lino cuts featured in a book (Beyond the Smoke) that resulted from this event.  Many people who were impacted had their stories recorded.

Inspired by the images of the grass trees, I visited a family who lived at the foot of the Grampians and photographed the grass tree stumps that remained after the fire went through.

I noted that the grass trees grow in spirals and on sandy soil. Even though the ground was bare, there were remnants of the quills and other plant debris scattered around the stumps. They were brown but I used artistic licence to depict the orange heat of fire.

My first designs were quite realistic but, they eventually became more abstract as I searched to make a series of works that were connected to this theme. These works are hand coloured using Sennelier inks and vary in colour. Each is a unique piece of art.

They have been shown in several exhibitions including Horsham Regional Art Gallery in 2018 in “Line through the Landscape”,


Australian Wildflowers

The unique flora of Australia has always been a source of inspiration. The distinct shape of the flowers lends itself well to the creation of strong linocut design.



Benjamin Reddan is a cabinet & furniture designer and maker who works from his private studio located in the Yarra Valley. He creates both unique bespoke and limited run pieces that are sold across Melbourne and overseas. Benjamin competed studies in Furniture Design at RMIT in 2009 and followed this by completing an intensive cabinet furniture making apprenticeship in 2010-2014. Since then he has been running his own furniture design and fabrication business, Soul of Bespoke. Benjamin prides himself on his attention to detail which has stemmed from his philosophy that well made woodwork is an artform with a soul, and every aspect of a piece, whether it’s a corner block, a hinge or inlay must be treated with respect.

Benjamin exhibits his work regularly. Highlighted work includes a Japanese Tea set winner of ‘Best in show’ 2017, at the Double Take in Wood Exhibition. Also an Engagement Ring Box and Wedding Box set, which won awards in the Australian Maker of the Year awards 2021-22.

Benjamin’ interest in woodcrafting extends beyond the scope of cabinets and furniture. A recent focus has been art pieces on a smaller scale including jewelery boxes and art work, which gives Benjamin greater opportunity to develop complex patterns and experiment with intricate detailing, that can be often unnoticed in larger pieces.

Today Benjamin’s main passion is the design and fabrication of his unique custom veneer inlay which he utilises in his artwork both large and small. His inlay veneer is inspired by Benjamin’s appreciation of the Japanese art form of Yosegi, the process of joining naturally coloured wood to create an original patterned in veneer. Looking forward Benjamin aims to further deveop his skill, and technique in Yosegi by creating increasingly complex patterned veneers and inlays to incorporate in his work.  Benjamin draws inspiration from puzzles, 3D optical illusions, spirograms, origami and architecture.