Ann Ferguson

Ann Ferguson is an awarded artist from central Victoria Australia, whose passion is for making artwork with clay and teaching about the environment through this.  Her ceramic projects include large multi piece 3D works, totems, murals and collaborations with other artists and mediums.  She also devises teaching programs for early childhood.

“20 Rose Avenue Glen Waverly was my ‘growing up place.’

My home was a beautiful A frame house built on a  large bush block in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in the 1950s.  Our family of 6 lived initially in a tiny simple A frame as my father lovingly built our forever home, an A frame with side wings designed by architect David Chancellor. We all loved that house, the care taken in its crafting and the creativity that it fostered in the lives of our family.  Inside the house one experienced a feeling of freedom and exhilaration as the light streamed in from great sheets of glass to the west. Outside there was something unique about the house and the way it occupied  landscape, sitting happily amongst the surrounding stringy barks and box eucalypts.”

‘Settlement ‘ is my first reflection upon this experience of home. Here I have enjoyed experimenting with the triangular A frame structure and offering the possibility of many different ways of placing the five pieces.

The House, Rock, Tree groupings are a development of the built environment theme and make obvious the important connection too often neglected between the built environment and the natural world.

Bird Houses are a flight away from the obsessive need to create more and more real estate for humans. Triangular structures are made this time to suggest that safe places are an entitlement for all creatures.

Ann featured in the Group Exhibition of Ceramics ‘Built’ in 2023 and ‘Habitat’ 2024.