Anne Miller

Anne Miller is a Gippsland based artist.

“Mangroves of Corner Inlet, South Gippsland have recently captured my imagination. They are tough, stunted and tirelessly stand up to the brutal forces of nature. Whilst a stoic companion to the mud flats they are loyally accepting of the tidal changes and all the other inhabitants who frequent the coast. They are a vital connection to the wellbeing of coastal existence.
My paintings reflect a moment of solitude where I’m at one with nature. Head to head in our own private dialogue I draw upon the coastal and rural landscape to guide me.
It is exciting to sit in the natural world, listen and observe. I am aware that there is an energy that I absorb and redirect into my drawings and paintings. It is a symbiotic relationship between the environment and my inner consciousness. Nature has it’s own moods and I have to accommodate and interpret them.
I love the ongoing play of light and in my mark making the gestural sweeping strokes can incite movement, drama and excitement Alternatively a soft blended palette can portray quietness and calm.
I feel immensely connected to the landscape, it is so perfect when I feel so not.”