Bridget Foley

Bridget Foley received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Visual Arts, Monash University in 1980, and a further Diploma of Education in 1986. Her early experience involved the Carlton Art Centre and assisting with tableware in  in Victoria Howlett’s Ceramic studio early in her career. Bridget Foley also established Geelong Pottery studio in 1984, organising workshops with many of Australia’s leading potters, including Vic Greenaway, Greg Daly, Hiroe Swen, & Victoria Howlett.

From 1987-2013 Bridget was  teaching in TAFE and running her own pottery studio concurrently, then from 2014 onward, Bridget has been a full time studio potter, making tableware and exhibition work.

Bridget has participated in many Group Exhibition,  including as a Finalist, in Klytie Pate Award 2021, Stanthorpe Art Prize, QLD in 2021, Manningham Victorian Ceramic Award 2017, 2015, 2013 & Winner, Merit Acquistion Award  for ‘Shifting Sands’ in 2017, and in the Victorian Craft Award in 2015. In 2021- 2022 she had a Solo Exhibition at CLAD Gallery Bendigo pottery.


“For most of my life I have enjoyed walking along beaches, looking at the movement of sands and the changing tides. I look at patterns and colours formed by the ocean on surrounding rocks and on the cliffs and vegetation along the shorelines.  The constant changing colours on the ocean and sky have become the base of my palette of glazes.

I am constantly experimenting and testing glazes. In recent work I have reflected on what I love about the Bellarine Peninsula &  Point Lonsdale, my second home. Certain landscapes become so familiar, they are embedded into my subconscious and ultimately expressed in my work. In my ‘Shifting Sands’ series, I have tried to convey the movement and changing patterns in the sands from tidal forces. In the ‘Rock’ series, the glazes have picked up the colours of coastal cliffs contrasted with golden colours in the sands below. ‘The Shorelines’ series introduces some of greens of the bushland.  The wonderful green and blues of varying depths in the sea are picked up in my ‘Ocean’ pots which is created by varying the thickness of the glaze.

Bridget’s most recent works are from the ‘Habitat’ exhibition, March 2024, the remarkable Salt Series, Luminescence and ‘Rockwall’ inspired by the minutiae of life on the seawalls of Point Lonsdale. We also look forward to her featuring in FLOW- Stories of the wetlands, June 2024