‘Brushed Earth and Carved Horizons’ sees Hive favourite Margaret Delahunty Spencer explore new realms following her artist road trip to the Flinders Ranges. Familiar gestures and mark making remains with new palette and subjects to draw on. Joined by sculptor Dawn Robinson, a Castlemaine artist who last exhibited with us in 2020. Dawn paints and sculpts in multiple mediums including bronze, but this exhibition leans into the ancient land of our country, and features works in limestone from the local Geelong quarries, 19 M years old and Mount Gambier, at 29M years. The difference in hardness and tone is interesting to compare in works where Dawn continues to explore and create a perfect counterpoint to the surrounding bold paintings.


OPENING Saturday 6th January 3-5pm join us and celebrate with Chilled Jazz from ‘Appleby Duo’ and Gin Tasting from the Award winning ‘Travelling While Standing Still’



“ ‘Brushed Earth and Carved Horizons’ is a testament to the profound connection between nature’s grandeur and the artistic process. Through my paintings, I explore the visceral and emotive language of color, employing fluid strokes and nuanced layering to evoke the rugged landscapes, the shifting skies, and the organic chaos that defines our world. These canvases reflect the dynamic energy of creation and dissolution, mirroring the eternal dance of elements that shape our planet, and the Joy of bearing witness. “

Margaret is a full-time practicing artist creating large scale abstract pieces which explore her interest in the gestural mark, and intuitive response.



Dawn Robinson has been passionate about art from an early age, alumni of the School of Life. Using an abstract expressionist style in varying mediums, art is an exploration.

Creating sculpture and paintings allows the art to be her voice, encouraging the viewer to question their own subjectivity and narration within the artwork. What is it that we see? Is it line, shape, or form? Is it stillness, movement, solidity, emptiness, positive or negative space?  The interplay of colour. Highlighting the variances of shape and colour.

The responsiveness of the interplay.

Exploring balance in sculptural form and paint.

Inspired by the natural environment, architecture and human nature.

Dawn has exhibited in Off the Kerb, Brunswick st Gallery, Montsalvat,  and Cusack & Cusack. Her work has also featured in the ASV events.

Dawn ran Bakery Lane Gallery as an art space in Woodend, showcasing her own art and supporting emerging and established artists in solo and collaborative exhibitions.

The contemporary art space promoted over 70 artists within three years.