‘Examining the ties that bind us’

Our Group Ceramics Exhibition will now be an annual event as it transitions to be more extensive, but less frequent each year. March 2023 sees “CONNECTIONS’ introduce Lee Goller and Lene Kuhl Jakobsen to the gallery and continues the presence of Karen Steenbergen and Kirsty Manger, as they all explore relationships and connections to the things that matter most to each of them. Nature, seed pods, family, water, pets and more

Lee Goller is inspired by the local beach and shoreline around her home near Beaumauris. Her carved pieces and glaze exploration plays with this theme on many surfaces. Most connected to her, a daughter no less, Kirsty Manger explores several themes that matter to her, a sense of identity, in her self portrait – a homage to Modigliani, a recognition of our changing bodies over time, portrayed in the Dancer series, and looking back to that connection with her family pets, and love of horses that has accompanied her through life.

Karen Steenbergen builds on her examination of the ‘built’ environment, which began at a recent residency in Denmark. Now, the Dinner Plain series, from the architecture of the high country, with texture imbedded from found, natural items of this region. Looking closer to her Torquay home, Karen recently discovered the local GrassTree Park and was awed by the colours and the wavy, organic forms of the trunks. Lene Kuhl Jakobsen originally from Denmark herself, has loved our gumnut shape and the local seedpods in Australia. Interestingly, the shape is reminiscent of historical ceramic Danish vessels.

This Exhibition will be accompanied by small paintings by Gippsland artist Anne Miller that examine her connection with the local waterways and mangrove system. Anne is new to the gallery.

There is more to see than listed here so please pay us a visit. On until March 26th.