Our Annual Group Exhibition of Sculpture, CURVES was on throughout October 2020.

We welcomed new sculptors Alan Kuczynski and George Lianos, and new works from Lucy McEachern and Laura Jane Wylder.

Alan Kuczynski resides in Sydney. He has studied with Tom Bass Sculpture School, and Sydney Sculpture School in Sydney, OD’A Palestra Artistica in Milan, and Boutros Romhein, Carrara both in Italy and Chengdong Guo in Paris, France.  Alan’s sculptures are incredibly varied. He tends to create several pieces with a particular theme then moves to something different in style or concept. Each piece has a story. Some whimsical, some serious, some sad, but all thought provoking and aiming to capture emotion and movement.

George Lianos was born in Cyprus and studied Graphic Design but from a young age was strongly drawn to sculpture, finding the process of creating in 3D both exciting and meditative.  He now works from his studio in Malmsbury.  “I often use the female form for sculpture because of my love of the aesthetics of soft graceful curves. My approach to sculpture is one of simplicity and minimalism.” Many of the forms of the “Woman in Stone” Series are inspired by nature, and the erosion and weathering of boulders over eons of time.

George has been featured in a Solo Exhibition of his work previously at the Latrobe Art institute in Bendigo.

Laura Jane Wylder is from Oxfordshire in the UK and enjoys a creative partnership with her partner Sebastian, a highly skilled mould maker. An aspiring ballerina for many years, Laura is primarily inspired by a passion for dancing, and ballet in particular. “In my figurative scupture I am driven to capture the liberating and almost meditative experience of being completely absorbed in the moment.” The simple organic curves and peaceful nature of her sculptures offer the viewer a sense of perspective, and serve as a reminder to revel in the wonderful world around them.

Internationally renowned bronze bird sculptor Lucy McEachern draws inspiration from her rural Australian surroundings and has a deep affinity with the enchanting birds that dwell in her local landscape. Lucy’s tactile sculptures capture her subject’s individual characteristic, and also invite the viewer to feel its contours in a celebration of their majestic presence.

Lucy has featured in several Solo exhibitions closer to home and is also honoured to have been in the prestigious Leigh Yawkey Woodson “Birds in Art” Exhibition in the US, 7 times.