EBB & FLOW Steve Sedgwick

Painting since the mid 80’s artist & yoga practitioner Steve Sedgwick, fully appreciates the energy around him, & the tides of life’s journey. Water is an important part of that. His paintings explore this essence – moody abstractions in oil of all water’s energy, its “Ebb and Flow”.

Steve combines “observation, memory and experience’ with an informed instinct to mix pigment and in mark making to bring you his first Solo Exhibition on the Bellarine. A previous John Leslie Landscape Prize finalist and an early exhibitor at the iconic Roar Gallery in Fitzroy, appreciate where his awareness, subconscious & intuition on the canvas boldly takes him. 

Notes from an inland surfer

“Steve Sedgwick is an inland surfer, based in Ballarat. He spent most of his formative years mucking about around and beneath the waters of Lake Wendouree, the heart of Ballarat. However, it’s the ocean that he is constantly drawn to. It’s what he revisits in the act of painting. Working both plein air and in the studio, he channels colour, memory and the sensation of diving beneath the surface or catching the energy of a beautiful wave.

Water is essential for all life. Our bodies are made up of 60% water and the heart and brain are composed of 73% water. Some of us need immersion in water more than others. Surfers and swimmers know this deep in their hearts. But all of us are connected by the fluid that runs through our vessels, and bathes our eyes whether we are an aquatic participant, or simply find solace and peace, a sense of calm, by just being near a body of water.”