We are delighted to present a Group Exhibition of Sculpture, “Elements” to tie in with Lorne Biennale as part of their Coastal Fringe program.  Opening on Saturday March 5th and continuing over the corresponding weeks of Lorne 2022,  March 12th – April 3rd. Be inspired, stay a little longer and take in all the creativity the greater region has to offer.

“Elements” is spread through our Sculpture Garden, and both floors of the gallery. Please note the second floor is only accessible by the stairs.

“Elements” continues to reinforce our niche for bronze but also involves multiple mediums. With a nod to Lorne’s theme of “Spirit of Place” , our Sculptors considered “what it means to be  part of the elements of the region”.

Lucy McEachern launches her newest design in limited edition bronze, a Pair of Wading Stilts. This can be seen at The Hive and in the small Sculpture section at Lorne Biennale.

The Vice President of the Association of Victorian Sculptors, Bruce Webb draws inspiration from the region in “Otways Dreaming” . He considers the areas history,  Missionaries, the Forest Industry and more. “The Fern” references the beautiful flora of the Otways, and “Searching for a New World” harks back to the days of the explorers along the shipwreck coast. Bruce has created a welcome change to the Outdoor Sculpture Garden with his larger works and again showcases his diversity of practice in this exhibition.

George Lianos explores abstraction and appreciates the varied emotional response it conjures with Curly, Curves and Red Lines.

We promised more from Beatrice Magalotti!  New to the gallery, some earlier bronze works reference her interest in Norse and Greek mythology. More recent work from her Migration Series considers our migrant history, and the treasures we bring with us. She explores this with contrasts in materiality and extensive detail in her bronze work, such as the handstitiching completed in the earlier production stages. Stay tuned for more as Beatrice is on an exciting journey with her 42 Boats in 42 Days Exhibition arriving here in August and gathering a ground swell of interest and acknowledgement.

Lois Basham draws inspiration from our nation’s Volcanic history with her Ceramic “Volcanic” Sculptural Vases, as we sit on the edge of one of the world’s largest basalt plains to our west.

Alan Kuczynski pokes fun at the Victorian coastal weather and our figure of speech in “It’s a bit windy out there”.

Will Wilson releases a smaller bronze pair of Blue Wrens, local to the coastal region.