EQUILIBRE-Lucas Guilbert

Crafting sculptures that ignite profound contemplation, I draw inspiration from nature’s organic forms. The journey for exceptional timber takes me across diverse ecological regions, where the material’s innate beauty becomes a canvas for various techniques—burning, charring, oiling, and more. The inclusion of raw steel in my creations results in what I hope are truly distinctive pieces.

My sculptures aspire to transcend the ordinary, evoking ancestral and mythical responses within urban settings. By reintroducing unapologetic natural beauty, I challenge our modern relationship with the wild. Rooted in a deep love for nature and human cultures, my works have graced galleries, shows, and outdoor installations, earning commissions for private collections.

As I sculpt the trees, they reveal an archaeology of archived photons, captured carbon, and life’s myriad events—an exquisite balance of growth and decay. Fostering dialogue between the ecological and man-made realms, my sculptures bridge the natural and human spheres.

In the delicate dance between craftsmanship and nature, “Equilibre” emerges—a collection of sculptures that sum up my past practice, and hint to where inspiration is leading it.

Equi = Equal

Libre = Free

Lucas Guilbert is a sculptor based in Melbourne, Australia. Raised in Montreal, his multicultural background deeply influenced his artistic practice and philosophy. After extensive travels, Guilbert settled in Australia in 2007 and was inspired by the unique landscape and cultural paradigms of his new home. Guilbert’s woodcarving technique allows him to explore the relationship between wood and place, and he uses the sculptural process as a means of introspective, meditative self-exploration.

Primarily self-taught, Guilbert began carving wood in his early life and has had the privilege of learning from master craftsmen. He has refined his artistic style in recent years, and his work has been showcased in group exhibitions, various galleries, and art competitions around the country. Guilbert has also participated in several art residencies, gaining valuable experience and exposure. Guilbert’s current artistic vision involves creating larger, site-specific public artworks, as well as finely crafted small and medium objects appropriate for local and international exhibitions. His unique approach to sculpture, informed by his personal experiences and appreciation for nature, is earning him recognition within the art world. Guilbert continues to evolve his practice with a keen eye towards the future.

Lucas’s first solo exhibition with The Hive opens on Saturday February 3rd 2-4pm. All are welcome to meet Lucas. Equilibre runs for the month of February.