George Lianos was born in Cyprus and studied Graphic Design but from a young age was strongly drawn to sculpture, finding the process of creating in 3D both exciting and meditative.  He now works from his studio in Malmsbury.  “I often use the female form for sculpture because of my love of the aesthetics of soft graceful curves. My approach to sculpture is one of simplicity and minimalism.” Many of the forms of the “Woman in Stone” Series are inspired by nature, and the erosion and weathering of boulders over eons of time.

George has been featured in a Solo Exhibition of his work previously at the Latrobe Art institute in Bendigo. Inspired from this, the Geometric Beings series are what we welcomed in the current Annual Group Exhibition of Sculpture “Seize the Moment”  2021 at The Hive. He joins us annually in the ongoing October Group sculpture exhibitions.