Gifts for the Table

“Nature provides a bounty for our table”.


My main inspiration for my Art practice revolves around my quarter of an acre cottage garden.

Spring and summer are the busiest time of year for my painting practice as the garden explodes into vibrant life full of flowers and blossoms of all colours shapes and textures. Because of the rich volcanic soil, there is always something to be found to pick and paint.

I have thoroughly enjoyed painting my latest series of small works on ply panels. The intimate scale has offered scope to capture the fine detail which I love to observe and the smooth ply panels have been a pleasure to paint upon.

I hope to continue capturing some of the seasonal vistas and gifts from the garden as the seasons unfold, working in the garden which feeds my soul as well as my painting practice.

Alexandra Lewisohn

An exploration in oils allowing the viewer to see things from a different perspective, creating food for thought and seeing beauty in the everyday.

Kylie Sirett

“Gifts for the Table” runs until December 29th