The theme of ‘Habitat’ has been explored by six key artists in our 2024 annual Group Ceramics Exhibition. Ann Ferguson, Lene Kuhl Jakobsen, Bridget Foley and long-term locals Kirsty Manger and Karen Steenbergen feature again after a successful ‘Connection’ in 2023.

Lene and Kirsty have both enjoyed recognition as finalists in the Klytie Pate Ceramics Award for ’23.


Sophia Legoe is new to the Hive. A local from Barwon Heads Sophia has recently returned to her ceramics practice after obtaining both her bachelor, then honour’s Degree in Fine Arts in 2004. Her detailed textured glazes are a standout feature of her work. Sophia continues to revel in the chemistry of creating unique glazes and is inspired by the habitats found in our magical underwater worlds.

Lene Kuhl Jakobsen presents the sculptural shapes of ‘Tidal Mementos’, intended to evoke the wonder of discovering interesting life forms when looking into a rockpool. The intertidal environment and coastal zone are areas which are exposed to increased activities by people, putting pressure on the animals and in particular shore birds such as the hooded plover. ’Dune’ and ‘Aqua-Terra Fragilis’ make references to the fragile coastal environment which we all have a responsibility to look after especially when the effects of climate change take hold.

Ann Ferguson “We walked the beaches and made our way amongst their tidal treasures; observing, touching, collecting, and sorting. Thin shavings of paper clay gave me the means to capture these impressions and translate them into forms.
Later, in my home studio, layers of glaze and multiple firings secured their fragility and deepened my understanding of these tiny homes – the wet and dry spaces that are the architecture in the lives of unseen shoreline creatures.

Karen Steenbergen further explores the snow gum series, the bark, and the texture, that captures her every winter alpine adventure.  “The village habitat and community of snow gums, flora and fauna diversity intertwined as one.”

Bridget Foley – “Nature always plays a large role as inspiration for my work.  “Clay, glaze, texture, and form are the elements that I use to express ideas, and I am very fortunate to have a such an inspiring environment to work with”, the place I feel most at home. ‘Luminescence’ explores the reflections of light and the movement of seaweed, ‘Salt’ pots imagine the crustiness of the seawater and salt layers washed up in spray and waves. ‘Rockwall’ is inspired by the dark basalt walls that protect the Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff coast, habitat to colourful lichen and mosses.

Kirsty Manger explores multiple themes around Habitat, with a coastal, intertidal focus seen in the Oyster, Bivalve, & Shell Series, conceptual yet functional items, some which have featured in local restaurant favourite Moonah. Sea Kelp Forest is more sculptural, exploring tone and movement.


Join the artists for a Q&A on Saturday March 2nd 2-4pm for the Opening.

The Exhibition will be on for the month of March. If you wish for more details, please visit or enquire with Karen 0417 116 216 as not every piece is online this time.