Lene Kuhl Jakobsen

Lene Kuhl Jakobsen has exhibited extensively in Australia and also featured internationally. Her work is held in the Cairn Regional Art Gallery and Lene has been included multiple times in the  Victorian Mannigham Ceramics Award and The Cairns National Ceramic Exhibition.

“Eucalyptus seed capsules or ‘gumnuts’ have fascinated me since I first encountered them in the Australian bush having moved from Denmark to Victoria. Everything about eucalyptus trees I found interesting as they are so different from trees growing in the Northern hemisphere. Getting to know a new place by learning about its nature contributes greatly towards a feeling of connection and belonging when settling into a new environment.

‘The gumnuts have many varied shapes depending on the species. Looking up close many of them resemble perfect small vessels, some have enclosed profiles others have wider open shapes.

Inspired by these gumnut shapes I make the ceramic vessels from various stoneware clays and apply different glaze finishes exploring a variety of decorative techniques for the surfaces.
All pieces are thrown on the pottery wheel and/or hand built. Some of the vessels are wood fired by a friend and in a wood fired kiln at Tallarook. The others are finished in the electric kiln at 1280 degrees in my studio in Heidelberg.”

Lene featured most recently in the 2024 group ceramics exhibition ‘Habitat’ with her works inspired by the fragile dune ecosystems, under threat and needing our care.