Phillip Butters Luminosity

Art and painting has always been a part of my life, that I have enjoyed painting from early days as a very young person and during various interludes, sketching and life drawing, but always within time restraints.

To pursue a passion in the gloaming of life, is all engrossing and no less of a journey.

Becoming involved with The Hive Gallery, Ocean Grove has had a major influence on the progression of my work. Interaction with other Artists within the Gallery, with encouragement from Karen and Kirsty, has been a great support and the “Cross Pollination” of ideas encourages one to try different concepts and techniques.



In search of the Chromatic

My earlier works have been monochromatic misty, Seascapes, Landscapes and Cityscapes, working with the ethereal quiet of foggy days and the exploring a “less is more” technique. My newer works, are true to style, however in latter days, I haven’t always recognised the boundaries of colour realism as a parameter. To try to grow in art is always a frightening, but exciting adventure. When you have no idea where you are going, you never recognise when you have arrived.