Margaret Delahunty Spencer “FLOTSAM”

FLOTSAM – “To float, things that float in water, single celled creatures, complex celled organisms, discarded objects, small lost treasures. Things that hang in the air, sounds, smells, feelings, disappointments, expectations, memories…all great inspiration for a new body of work that is an exploration of shape and forms, and retires my signature line work to the role of supporter, and is complimented and informed by my clay work. “

Margie as a vegan, keen gardener and bee keeper and is very connected to the natural world.  Her works usually explore this connection and relationship.

Margie tends have five or six works in various stages of completion on the go at once in her studio in Ballarat or Breamlea.

She favours framed linen, using a mix of oil and acrylic paint with oil sticks, charcoal and conte’.