Rachel King

Rachel King is an artist based recently in Warrnambool on Victoria’s South-West Coast and now in Ballarat. Her work stems from a deep fascination with colour, composition and form and is inspired by the landscape around her home. Particularly through painting, she examines the intuitive decision and indecision that is part of the creative process. There is a creation of a language and internal logic that occurs in the stages between a blank canvas and a finished painting that she finds timelessly fascinating.

Rachel challenges the distance between landscape and abstraction. Framed are the internal and external influences that drive the decisions made while painting, concreting them to the time and place that they were created. Born from real places, objects and forms these works aim to sit on the edge of representation and recognition.

The figurative abstraction works in this series examine the views from her studio windows in each direction, and her surrounds from Warrnambool region.

Her most recent and premier exhibition at The Hive was in 2021, Inward Bound.