Returning to The Hive for the first time since the impressive ‘Terrain’ in 2019, it gives us great pleasure to welcome back Wendy Jagger in ‘Resilience’, – an exhibition of paintings and ceramics.

Wendy has been active in her career in recent years, continuing to teach and inspire from her home studio in Mansfield, and also acknowledged as a finalist in prizes, including the Lethbridge,2020,2021,2022 for her painting and the regarded Klytie Pate Ceramic Award 2021.  Previous highlights include the acquisition into the Bendigo Art Gallery, work in the Geelong Gallery Foyer Exhibition and NGV shop Commemorative vessels for the 150th anniversary in 2011, multiple times a finalist in the Victorian Ceramics Award, with an honourable mention in the 9th International Ceramics Award in Mino, Japan, 2011.


“A love of the outdoors instilled in me by my parents set me on a path of landscape painting, of capturing the many moods and forms within the Australian bush.

I remember visiting the National Gallery of Victoria when I was 17 on one of my regular visits during school holidays and there was an exhibition of contemporary drawing. In that show, I kept coming back to a charcoal drawing of a rock. It was strongly drawn, with subtle tonal rendering contrasting with stark black marks made by a determined hand. I loved the softness and delicacy, combined with the pure strength embodied in this drawing. It has had a lasting impact on me.

On looking back through my painting journals, a common thread started to emerge and dominate the imagery. I noticed that rocks were a recurring element, and that they were the anchors of the paintings.

When I’ve been out walking in the bush, I’ve taken hundreds of photos of rocks whenever I saw them nestled among vegetation or jutting defiantly out from an escarpment. I love the forms, the curves, angles, folds, shards, layers, grit, colour, sediment, robustness, solidity, and strength of rocks. I admire their ability to weather the storms and withstand the vagaries of time and a challenging climate, and then to finally nestle and adjust to their resting place.

The rocks, geology and timelessness of our land, its presence and resilience, its wonder; its witness to so much beyond each of us. This exhibition is a reflection upon the rocks from the mountains to the sea.

Never did I think that the title of this exhibition would come to mean so much to me, particularly as my father recently passed away during the creation of some of these pieces.

Resilience is what we need in an ever-changing world.”