The Annual Sculpture Exhibition for 2021 welcomes back Alan Kuczynski of Sydney and George Lianos of Malmsbury, both featured last year in CURVES. With their diversity of practice, this year they bring completely different, contemporary works, – organic bronzes from Alan, and geometric beings in steel from George.

Alan Kuczynski

“You can’t hold me down” – You want me to conform? To be practical? To live according to your rules? To throw away my dreams? To stop living because of the current situation? I don’t think so!

It’s a bit windy today Often we use language that exaggerates or downplays the weather. “I could fry an egg on the bonnet of my car.” “It’s raining cats and dogs.” If it’s blowing a gale, we may hear “it’s a bit windy today.”

George Lianos

The series ‘Geometric Beings’ is the result of using interactions and relationships of geometric shapes, line and movement to create sculptures which are both aesthetically pleasing and intriguing. Made of Corten steel, the forms appear solid and weighty, full of embodied energy. They seem to be delicately poised and balanced on each other while at the same time creating a feeling of uneasy tension. The result is what can appear to be powerful ‘Beings’, in their own way graceful and particularly relevant in the age of AI.” George Lianos

We also are delighted to introduce Bruce Webb of Research. A well established sculptor, after studying a Diploma of Art and Design in 1980, Bruce has a career also characterised by diversity of practice. “A lifetime’s involvement with forms and shapes, their relationships, tensions and juxtapositions has allowed me to exist comfortably in my ever-evolving practice. To be comfortably unsettled within its tides, allowing all of my works, welded or painted, to coalesce over time. ” We also bring you Bruce’s complementary paintings in acrylic which are an extension of his love of shape, forms and detail. “My paintings are imitations of my sculptures and vice versa.”

Bruce has exhibited extensively with the Association of Sculptors Victoria, Contemporary Art Society (CAS), at Kilmore Arts, and multiple times at Tesselaar and Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibitions.