Wayne Elliott returns following a period of journeying in our vast outback of South Australia and Northern Territory. ‘Stories from Yonder’ captures and interprets these experiences in a strongly cohesive body of work, exhibited for the month of August at The Hive.

Of note, Wayne’s career is also journeying with his most recent and significant highlight the acquisition of a work into the Swan Hill Public Regional Art Gallery following his solo exhibition there in 2021-2022.


‘ “Stories from Yonder” represents my love and engagement with inland Australia.

The vastness of space, the eerie silence, a moment in time in which artworks come to life.

One never knows, one can only engage with the landscape.

Walking across sparse plains, climbing rocky outcrops or swimming in secluded waterholes provides the catalyst for my work.

It is immersive by nature, prompting me to prioritise the objects and marks in the landscape.

I reimagine these spaces in mud maps, which are then are brought to life again on the canvas.

The final painting is purely the last step of everything that went before.


I wish to acknowledge the First Nation peoples and lands on which I paint and walk.’

Wayne Elliott