My exhibition last year was called “A Moment in Time”.


In order to enjoy my work in this exhibition I invited the viewer to bring their own translation to all my paintings.


This year is a follow-on in the spirit of these sentiments, while still recognising a need to progress in my development. This progression has sometimes manifested as a gentle flirtation with colour, while on other occasions reverting to monochrome for dramatics and to stay within the style of my last exhibition.


To this end I have called this exhibition

“Today will be Yesterday, Tomorrow”


I believe a painting should attract the eye of the viewer and then engage and hold attention. The artist should give just enough representation for the viewer to develop personal perceptions or translations and by way of input add to the story as time moves and moods change.

So as a piece of artwork in your home or office it should encourage moments of introspection and continue to give pleasure overtime and for these feelings to be ongoing.


See, like, love, enjoy.


Your piece of art becomes a part of your life. And soon…….

“Today will be Yesterday, Tomorrow”