Georgie Gall

“Through drawing and painting, and often exploring the use of mixed media, I am drawn to the play of texture, colour and light in my paintings. The Australian landscape is an inescapable presence in all my work, it is the foundation of each painting I do within the wheat, seascape, silver birch, riverbank genres and textural landscapes. The love of texture characterises my work and provides a pathway to convey a simple and honest account of various real and imagined destinations. Remote landscapes also provided inspiration. Arid zone landscapes of our inland are incredibly varied, and addictive. Exploring new places is always an adventure, but revisiting old favourites reveals incredible changes from one year to the next depending on what the weather has bestowed. ”

Her previous solo exhibitions here were inspired by the water both inland and sea titled “SALT LAKES AND OCEAN BEACHES” and in 2022, the changing light in “DAWN to DUSK”, a very successful worthy fundraiser Exhibition for RMH Ophthalmology Department.

April 2024, ‘CONTOURS’ explores the coastal life and golfing greens Georgie is passionate about, – the lie of the land.