Jean Bohuslav

Jean Bohuslav is an intuitive expressionist painter , philosopher and teacher of mindfulness who enjoys sharing her art which is influenced from 25 years of study in how to become more consciously aware and at peace. Jean is also an author of art books which are full of quotes on philosophy and mindfulness.

Jean works in oil and wax on canvas. The wax eludes to the different perceptions we all live with and gives a beautiful patina to the work. It also is a reference to how the mind, when still, drops it veils of perception allowing more beauty, harmony and truth into every area of life.

The art is a whimsical diary of personal and impersonal characteristics that most of us come across, or certainly will recognise when observing ourselves more carefull, instead of constantly being entertained by the chattering monkey mind, which holds beliefs that restrict our freedom and the unity of life.

Please inquire via email or on 0417 116 216 if interested in any of Jean’s works.