Kaz Shirley

Kaz Shirley is an abstract artist from Ocean Grove, working in her home studio with husband Baz, also an artist.

Kaz has a very strong involvement in the local Arts community. She was a founding member of the Barwon Heads Arts Council and has held roles as Treasurer, Vice President and currently President. Kaz was also the instigator and coordinator of the local Bellarine Arts Trail that has run over the past three years.

Kaz has been a previous exhibitor at several local galleries and recipient of the Contemporary Art Prize at Studio 54.  This is Kaz’s first time at The Hive with a Solo Exhibition. In her colourful and layered style, Kaz Shirley has focussed on achieving BALANCE in this exhibition, and her artwork reflects an abstract view of how some things are in balance, appear in balance or are not in balance at all.

“Humans have a natural desire to seek BALANCE and equilibrium in life, however it is never easy.”

Happiness can be defined as the point where expectations meet reality, but in her works Kaz has explored how you can find BALANCE in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Kazs’ work is sometimes colourful, sometimes playful and always open to interpretation.