Margaret Delahunty Spencer

Margaret creates abstract works on linen where she explores “the gesture”. She works quickly in oils, acrylics, and charcoal.

Her inspiration is varied, but recent works features the microscopic world abounding in the waterways and nature surrounding us, the sounds and conversations of birds, inspiration and creativity with friends, and the changing seasons.

COVID has given more introspection and themes of home life, empty nesting and relationships also feature more recently. Margaret has also been exploring different mediums and creating clay pots that complement her paintings.

Margaret studied Fine Art and has practiced and taught as well as exploring fashion design. She resides in Ballarat but also has a studio locally in Breamlea.

Her 2021 Exhibition ‘Memory Pool’ explored childhood memories collaborating with sculptor Mary van den Broek. In 2023 Margaret returned with Mary in ‘A Matter of Balance’ and in 2024 refer to the Exhibition page for ‘Brushed Earth and Carved Horizons’ with Dawn Robinson.