FORM is the first of our annual Group Bronze Sculpture Exhibitions. This year there is a figurative theme in the small works that are all in cast Bronze, the focus of the Hive Gallery. We introduce three new talented sculptors-

Laura Jane Wylder from Oxfordshire in the U.K. has emerged from a background in ballet, via a corporate life to excel in the creative career of sculpting together with her partner Sebastian, a talented mould maker. Laura creates tranquil figurative works in bronze, the smaller maquette versions can be seen during FORM.  Larger versions are also available and make a focal point for a country garden or public space.

Fiona Watson from Sydney is a BFA graduate from the National Art School in 2016. Her contemporary sculpture is gaining notice, as a finalist in 2017 at the Woollaharra Small Sculpture Prize and the Clyde & Co. Emerging Artist Award Winner.

Dawn Robinson is based in Macedon, Victoria. Dawn is a visual artist, teacher and sculptor in various mediums.  Dawn uses her work to communicate ideas of human nature, emotion, expression and embrace.

Lucy McEachern and Martin Goldin, both already represented by the Hive Gallery, also showcase new works.