We are delighted to welcome sculptor Mary van den Broek back to The Hive following her previous exhibition “Memory Pool” in 2021. Mary will again join artist Margaret Delahunty Spencer for “A Matter of Balance” over the month of April. Both Ballarat based artists, Mary and Margie enjoy exploring themes and collaborating together, and have exhibited in Melbourne and surrounds several times. Meet them at the Opening, 2-4pm Saturday April 1st.

Mary van den Broek

A matter of balance or is matter in balance?,

days slip by steady, ready or not,

equilibrium of state a goal first rate

chaos and order, more or less in seesaw,

a stable tomorrow hard to pin down

throw wide open the heart, mind and soul ,

Kindness the best for all matter to balance.

Margaret Delahunty Spencer.

The primary intrigue to me, is my immediate interaction with the world.
It’s a matter of balance that we exist in the memories of our pasts, the immediacy of our ‘now’ and the mysteries of the future.
These paintings continue my interest in recording small shapes and images that are drawn from memories ‘Nanas wallpaper’, what I see in my swims and walks, ‘pieces of summer’, and the enigma of our futures ‘little shapes, future memories’.