EMBODY – Group Sculpture

Our annual sculpture exhibition, EMBODY, unites Alan Kuczynski from Sydney, Melbourne sculptors Beatrice Magalotti and Bruce Webb and from regional Victoria Lucy McEachern and George Lianos as they present a body of recent works. George Lianos continues his well received Woman in stone series, Lucy McEachern’s highlight is her newest work the dynamic Turbo Chook, Alan Kuczynski, always varied and thought provoking  conceptually.  Beatrice Magalotti is currently on a residency internationally but we exhibit her Flight and Dragon Wings, demonstrating her materiality and Bruce Webb adds a more contemporary element in his abstracted steel works.

Recognition for these sculptors is continuing to grow with ………….

Joining them is artist Mirranda Burton, known worldwide as a graphic novel writer &  illustrator,  and for her linocut printmaking. Published comics include Tango, Going Down swinging and her first of four graphic novels Hidden was also published in French. Mirranda has been illstrator in residence during the 2012 Melbourne Writers Festival and Artist in Residence 2012-2013 at the Dunmoochin Foundation. Befitting The Hive’s environmental themes, we have chosen to introduce Mirranda’s striking linocuts, to compliment the 3D sculptural lines and form.


‘This is a body of editioned prints emerging from my two year residency at Clifton Pugh’s former studio at Dunmoochin in Cottles Bridge, Victoria. The first linocut impression was made after waking in the night in the studio to find that a fox had appeared, centimetres away from the window next to me, silhouetted against the moonlight. Immersed in the bush environment, it became apparent to me that a delicate balance existed in which both native and introduced species lived together. Like humans, the fox is adaptive, intelligent, a survivor, and yet so persecuted. Neither settled in Australia by choice, and both are here to stay. The introduced fox has had a significant impact on the ecology of the bush, but how does this measure against the impact of white settlement? How do we move forward in our relationship with the environment?’

On for the month of October, Opening on Saturday the 7th 2-4pm. All are welcome to appreciate and meet the artists.