Jane Millington, specialises in creating atmospheric and ephemeral works inspired by Australia’s waters and coastline.

Her oil paintings display deep, luxuriant colour and soft light. Working with a delicately muted palette, Jane’s artworks exhibit rich texture with her detailed brushwork giving movement and expression to her pieces. Using multiple thin glazes of paint to simulate the reflective nature of water and to give depth to the land, she carefully creates each work layer-by-layer.

A former art teacher and diplomat, Jane undertakes plein air sketches before returning to her studio to finish the work.

Born in Tasmania, Jane has travelled extensively working with artists in New Delhi and Jakarta. Her more recent move to Queenscliff in Victoria and her childhood on the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania, has inspired her new series of oil paintings featuring the Borough, Port Phillip and Swan Bay.

Jane is currently exhibiting in “Together at Sea” with Pam Connelly on for the month of June. See the Current Exhibition tab for all the new works.