Linda Gallus

I have always found old structures and ancient buildings intriguing. I enjoy driving around rural Victoria discovering magnificent old buildings and structures. Many of them are so dramatic and beautiful and have served their purpose well. The strong lines created by the repetition and dramatic perspective often inspire me to create my personal response in a unique and original way. I often add animals, birds and humans to the scene to create a story.

Rural Victoria holds endless inspiration for me. I like to record pieces of our history in glimpses and snippets, focusing on shapes, colours, and perspective. My paintings usually depict a real place with a story to tell. I focus on the strong diagonal shapes to give the work a dramatic, contemporary feel. Alongside the workings of these places, lots of paraphernalia is usually scattered throughout the scene. The graceful old machines and structures hold onto an important part of our history.

I often use a ‘bird’s eye’ view of the scene which adds mystery and intrigue. I see wonderful buildings and structures in my adventures around Victoria and like to add another aspect to the story – a surreal quality or my own quirky, amusing elements.

Linda’s most recent Solo Exhibition with us was ‘Tableau’ in 2022.  Inspired by scenes that capture her imagination in Geelong and Country Victoria, Linda created a story with her composition.

Previously, ‘Entropy’ in 2020 at The Hive went on in part to form “The White Farm” Exhibition at the National Wool Museum. Two paintings from this series have been acquired in the Wool Museum’s permanent collection.

Looking ahead, Linda is honoured to have a Solo Exhibition at Mildura Arts Centre in 2023.