Phillip Butters

Phillip Butters artistic style has developed over decades of self-taught practice: and after previously working in large striking colours and bod brush strokes, he has arrived at an impressive monochromatic style that is sophisticated, striking, layered and full of mood.

Throughout his life, Phillip Butters has been very interested by American philosopher Wayne Dyer, and his concept of  “Now”; that it is subject to translation, and “that as individuals we are all in charge of how we perceive any situation.”

“I have taken this concept and tried to apply it to a series of paintings I call “A moment in time”. I have attempted to just allude to shapes and tones and mood with a monochromatic pallet allowing the viewer to bring their own thoughts to the experience and translate the painting from a personal perspective”. Phillip Butters

To expand the concept of not trying to influence the viewer in their thoughts I have named each painting by allotting a random number, to the moment in time.

Phillip’s more recent Solo Exhibition entitled “TODAY WILL BE YESTERDAY, TOMORROW” evolves from this style and begins a journey of flirtation with a hint of colour as he creates both real and imagined scenes to get lost in.

LUMINOSITY in 2021 took the hint of colour and exploded it on the canvas, exploring the chromatic, will staying true to style.