Following many requests we are thrilled to bring you a joint Exhibition’ “Together at Sea” that finally allows a body of work from Pam Connelly to be exhibited, alongside talented, emerging artist Jane Millington. Both artists, like many of us have had life challenge us in unexpected ways and the growth and journey and acceptance from this is undeniable. On the surface there is a deep love of the big blue sea that binds them but on a more profound level, the philosophy and emotion behind the ocean portrayals, captures many moments and emotions.

“Together at Sea” is a large exhibition with over 25 works showcased that creates a harmonious, immersive experience.

Pam Connelly 

With the Hive Gallery for five years Pam is far from prolific but always in demand, with the longest waiting list of any of our artists.

She grew up in Ocean Grove in the 70’s, with parents who met on the stage and three siblings, all involved in the Arts. In the 90’s, Pam obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Warrnambool, then travelled, surfing and windsurfing, and spent ten years on Mount Hotham.

With a family, she lived on top of Cape Bridgewater with sea three sides. On the Cape, with large canvases flapping in the wind, the sea was engrained in her art!

“Back in Ocean Grove, the theme of nature, movement, light, and the visual indicators of energy are still my focus.  The roll of energy on the planet’s surface made visible by the presence of water, and the speed and direction of the energy of the wind being made visible through cloud, rain, mist, spray and light.  My paintings are often like a diary and the storms, colours, feelings, change, with my response to my perceptions, place and role.”

Pam was shortlisted as a finalist in the Maritime Art Prize 2021.

Jane Millington

Jane Millington, specialises in creating atmospheric and ephemeral works inspired by Australia’s waters and coastline.

Her oil paintings display deep, luxuriant colour and soft light. Working with a delicately muted palette, Jane’s artworks exhibit rich texture with her detailed brushwork giving movement and expression to her pieces. Using multiple thin glazes of paint to simulate the reflective nature of water and to give depth to the land, she carefully creates each work layer-by-layer.

A former art teacher and diplomat, Jane undertakes plein air sketches before returning to her studio to finish the work.

Born in Tasmania, Ms Millington has travelled extensively working with artists in New Delhi and Jakarta. Her more recent move to Queenscliff in Victoria and her childhood on the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania, has inspired her new series of oil paintings featuring the Borough, Port Phillip and Swan Bay.

Please note this Exhibition runs over both floors of the gallery.