Wendy Jagger

Wendy Jagger is a renowned ceramicist and painter from Mansfield, Victoria.

Wendy responded to the unique landscapes of the Wollemi, Blue Mountains and Gardens of Stone National Parks during her recent residency at BigCi. She painted regularly, ‘en plein air’, engaging with the landscape, responding to its ever-changing weather, light and moods in oil on board. When painting en plein air, the artist is creating on site and there is a sense of urgency, to capture the environment and its effect, before it changes and loses the light or the heavens open. Wendy says she “loves the immediacy of being in the landscape and responding to it, dealing with the logistics of transporting materials, climactic conditions and being out on my own and really ‘seeing’ the forms, colours and textures of nature”.

These paintings formed the resources for further development upon her return to her home studio in Mansfield, Victoria, where she created larger canvasses in gouache and acrylic and porcelain vessels, decorated with the stunning landscapes of these National Parks.

Based on this, her Solo Exhibition “TERRAIN” was in 2019 at The Hive.

Wendy Jagger acknowledges and appreciates the support of Regional Arts Victoria for the assistance she has received for her residency at BigCi Australia.

Wendy’s next exhibition, at The Hive is ‘Resilience’ September 2023 – see the Exhibition tab for details