Virginia Farley “JOURNEY”

Virginia Farley is in love.
Last year’s adventure in Africa won her heart.

This does not mean that the subjects, for which she is well known, are forgotten.
You will still find images from her daily life on the property she shares with husband David – her greatest love of all. Sheep – oozing personality. The Woolshed – a hive of activity at shearing time. The Saleyards – amid a sea of figures and beasts.

But her travels abroad have yielded some wonderfully dynamic work. The myriad of zebra stripes. The serenity of a dozing lioness.

Her greatest passion, however, is for the Elephants. Perhaps it is no co-incidence that their sheep farm looks out over the iconic Mount Elephant, famous in the Western District and beyond. The sheer size and power of the Elephant is in sharp contrast to their gentle nature. As a family group, their bond with one another is one of the strongest in the animal world.
Virginia paints these wonderful creatures with sensitivity and love.

Come share her passion.

Carol Boothman


Virginia has won several art awards in Victoria and NSW and was a finalist in the 2011 Inglis Equine Art Competition and the 2017 FIP World Polo Championship Art Exhibition.